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Search for eBooks in the Internet (Revised Edition) [Updated: 8/27/15]

Batman713 Super User
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24 October 2012
GUYS, DO NOT REQUEST FOR BOOKS IN THIS THREAD. WE HAVE A THREAD SPECIFICALLY FOR BOOK REQUESTS. Believe me, it will be ignored in this thread. Link to the eBook requests thread.

So, we already had a great tutorial by Qwerty here, already. Why I'm writing this? As the title says, it's a revised edition. Qwerty's one was written a year ago and some of the sites/function mentioned there isn't working anymore. That's why I wanted to revise this tutorial, again.

Now, I'll cover a few things. This tutorial is specially covering fiction eBooks. I'll also cover non-fiction, too. And I want to keep this thread not-too-long, easy for pretty much everyone and simple.
Lets start. First off, Google the book you want and gather as much information as possible. Author, Title and Electronic Publication status is all you need. You have to check if the book have a eBook version, or not. Amazon will help you with this. Next, lets find the book! Almost 55% of the books in the internet is located in the Public Trackers. KAT, TPB has most of them. But a lot of books are here in 0day packs or in weekly eBook packs, normal site search won't help you here.

Use this search engine:

Covers most of the public trackers and can search the whole site, books inside a big pack, too. You'll most likely find your book. If not, head over to the next step.

Now, IRC. IRC is Internet Relay Chat, it has thousands of usage, if you are not familiar with IRC, you'll just use it for finding Fiction books, and very few non-fiction ones.
First off, download mIRC from here: Then install the application. I made a GIF on how to use mIRC for this purpose, which you can see below. (Image version: as long image will ruin the thread. image

Now, if you can't find your favorite book yet, it's time to use these sneaky file lockers. There's a few good sites that hosts free eBooks. Some of them has pretty easy downloading system, some hosts their files in different and kinda hard-to-download file hosts, because ads. You need to figure out the ads and click on the right one to download, this time, only if you are brave enough. Listing all the sites here would be lame and will take a lot of time to search through one-by-one. So I made a search engine, again.

Here it is:

Usage is pretty much self-explanatory. Search the book, check the results and download the book for yourself. And by doing that a few times, you will understand which site is good for what.

Additional Tips: If you want a specific format, can't find it, but can find another format, you can convert the book to your preferred format using Calibre. Download from here:
Load the book into Calibre and right click on Convert. Then choose your preferred format and you are done!

A lot of times, it may happen that when you click on the download link, the site will tell you that the download file is no longer hosted. Now, copy the URL after the main domain which will look something like "/files/202Story.rar/" and paste it in Google Search. You will get all the websites which had listed the book. Open the links one by one and check if the file is still available on the other site.

Downloading from OpenLibrary: I was really busy and encouraged other users to discuss with me and write an in-depth tutorial about how to download from OpenLibrary, a website you may find searching for books. It's done, and TheArchivist40.19K did an excellent job. Click here to check out the tutorial.

So you did everything I wrote here, and still can't find what you want? Request in the eBook Request thread. And if the book you're looking is a Comic, then use this thread: Comic Request

Here on KAT we have a team of some awesome book uploader and they can find any book IF they are in the internet, and believe me, they are good. But please, read the rules in the thread before requesting anything.

#DO NOT request for eBooks here, I'll ignore them.
#If you find anything wrong in the thread or want to share any more good resources, let me know.
#Suggestions are welcome.
#Want me to add something? PM me, I'm not regular, but I do come often.
#When posting comments here, DO NOT quote the WHOLE thread, please.

Last Edited: 4th April, 2016

#Updated 2nd search engine with additional links.
#Added Comic Request link.
#Updated Book Request thread link. Again
#Updated the thread with a link to OpenLibrary Downloading tutorial.
#Updated Book Request thread link, again.
#Revised the search engines from the scratch, so better results could be expected. + Added updated book request thread links and Comic book thread links as well.

To-do list:
#How-to download from OpenLibrary. Done. Thanks to TheArchivist40.19K
#Nothing at this moment, have suggestion? Speak up.

Thanks to: CindyKAT65.41K . [Suggestions]

Personal Note: If you can't find the book anywhere, is a good site where you pay A LOT less than the original price. Mostly because they sell International version of the same book that isn't available in US.

Important notice: Looks like some people are confusing my custom search engine page. You have to search where in says 'Google custom search', the second box. See here:

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jacee56 Uploader
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05 January 2012
these instructions and info are xlnt. I really appreciate th effort
toocool81101.1K KAT Elite Mod
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10 January 2014
Great tut buddy. Thanks for this. loveliness
Padonis360 Uploader
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19 February 2014
Thanks man!! I never knew the specifics for finding them this way. ^.^
elmindreda93650 User
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07 May 2014
I dont know you ,but i love you !!!!!! I have been looking for this book(Daylight again ) my entire day and your search engine was the 15 second magic solution to the bane of my existence!!!!!THANK YOU !
GeekGuru2453 Uploader
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23 April 2013
Thanks, very useful info.
anikttipu11 User
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04 May 2014
Anette14151.19K KAT Elite Mod
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02 January 2014
A great thread that I recommended already to many members. We should bump it more often.
It's great to help people find books, but much more important to give them the tools to help
Teslatronica309 User
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04 May 2014
Many, many thanks for all of this wonderful and valuable information. I was able to find about 10 or 15 books I've been wanting to read. Kudos!
stayricon10.87K Verified uploader
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18 April 2012
Thanks biggrinbiggrin

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